“Get your party on”

I’m a year older!

*cue cheers*

I’m also one year closer to my death!

*cheers die off*

Yeah, we don’t really worry about the flip side when we break out the cake, do we?

Evidence in the Qur’aan and Sunnah indicates that celebrating birthdays is a kind of Bid’ah or Innovation in religion, which has no basis in the pure Shari’ah. And yes, this means you can’t attend birthday parties or saythe words ‘Happy Birthday’ either. Offer Dua instead!

And if you don’t believe that it’s a Bid’ah (which means a new introducing a new idea), I’d like to see you scrounge out an incident which discloses Nabi (S.A.W) hosting a group of his Sahaba (R.A) on his birthday to rejoice with him. On top of that, he had daughters. We all know how manipulative convincing girls can be. But he didn’t have a shindig for them either, did he?

On the authority of the Mother of the Faithful, ‘Aisha (R.A), who said: The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) said: “He who innovates something in this matter of ours [Islam] that is not of it will have it rejected [by Allah].”

Maybe I skipped class that day (I might have done that a lot as a child), but blowing candles and making wishes doesn’t sound terribly Islamic to me. If you want something, pick up your hands and make Dua! The irony is, you’re blowing off a candle, made of fire, something Shaytaan is made of, and expect your ‘wishes’ to be answered by Allah. Nice going, dude. That’s like going clubbing, but stopping halfway through to read your Esha. In the store-room next to the spare liquor bottle, nonetheless.

We’re Muslims! Islam has been perfected for us. There is wisdom behind every single action of ours. Banning birthday parties prevents squandering money on something that doesn’t take us closer to Allah, it cancels out the possibility of someone of a smaller financial standing being threatened into a sort of ‘competition’, it obstructs wastage of time. And you won’t have to worry about gaining useless gifts, but I don’t think we can really count that (at least not without getting ‘the look’ from your mother. Or in my case, my mother AND sister. Oh Joy).

Now, who laid the foundation for birthdays?

Its roots come from Ancient Pagan Traditions. Before the evolution of Christianity, people were petrified of evil ‘spirits’ (Yeah, we call that ‘spirit’ Shaytaan), more so on their birthdays. According to their belief, when a person turns a year older, he/she is more vulnerable to these so called ‘spirits’. So as a sort of protection, they shower said person in presents (apparently ‘spirits’ are scared of gifts. Wow) and generate a whole lot of noise as a distraction (if it isn’t obvious, these ‘spirits’ are made of tough stuff).

Doesn’t seem so fancy anymore, does it? A word to the wise, read Ayatul Kursi if you’re so scared. It’ll help you beyond donning a party hat.

Remember, you take one step towards Allah, Allah takes ten steps towards you.

May Allah protect us all and grant us the ability to overcome our Nafs.

Love and Duas,





  1. Lol, your analogies

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    1. Bringin’ spice to your life 😛

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  2. Binti Mahmood · · Reply

    Assalaamu Alaykum Sister……I’ve just started reading this blog and I must say I just love it……Masha Allah……. May take you from strength to strength….. Aameen…..Thummah Aameen


    1. Wa alaikum Salaam! Jazakallah Khair 🌻 امين، ثم امين! Wa iyaaki ❤

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