“Sally the camel has two humps”

No, your bun isn’t nesting on the top of your head because you’ve got ‘long hair’. I’ve got long hair (#LongHairICare, anybody?). I’m wearing that cap, ya’ll. We merely have to adjust our mane to lie lower (oh, the struggle when you keep having to redo your hair because it just won’t go to the perfect height). Maybe at first, you’ll mull over your hijab not draping as perfectly as it did before, but we’re big girls. We can deal (and experiment with new tutorials).

It’s not like it’s absolutely necessary. Like it is for a camel. The camel uses it as nourishment when food is scarce. If a camel uses the fat inside the hump, the hump will become limp and droop down (so it’s ultimately like an inflatable stomach). With proper food and rest the hump will return to normal. The hump is not used for water storage, of time but camels can go for long periods without water. I didn’t really need to add those parts in, but I figured it’s good material if you didn’t already know it. Learn something new every day and all that.

Strictly speaking, I’ve got enough on my plate worrying about not tripping over my abaya, leave alone the extra burden weighing down (literally) on me. It’s not immediately apparent why anybody would want to willing elongate their head. I won’t say ‘to each his own’ because we’re Muslimah’s. I am you. You are me. We are one. Okay, not literally, but whatever. It sounded cute as brainwaves.

There’re plenty of hijab tutorials that don’t attach flower clips to their cranium (smart choice). Ask me. I might be one of ‘those’ people that must experiment with their hijab (read between the lines, please), so maybe I’ve got first-hand experience. i’ll deny it till you bring out my phone (no, don’t touch my phone) to flash my images in my face.

The hadith states: “…with something on their heads that looks like the humps of camels”. This may mean that they make their heads look bigger (I thought that was a fashion no-no) with veils and turbans, which are wrapped around the head, so that they look like the humps of camels. This is the well-known interpretation. Basically, anything above the level of your head (shockingly, not only buildings compete for height).

The Prophet  (S.A.W) stated: “There will be in the last of my Ummah, scantily dressed women, the hair on the top of their heads like a camel’s hump. Curse them, for verily they are cursed.” [At-Tabarani and Sahih Muslim]

Don’t do it. Stay away and the gaining pleasure of Allah will be your compensation. It’s not even worth it! We’ve already discovered that unless we’re camels in human skin, it’s physically possible for our heart to keep beating without it. You’ll even walk around easier! It’ll be like this weight (again, literally) taken off your shoulders. Okay, I’ll stop with the ‘literally’ now.

Remember, you take one step towards Allah, Allah takes ten steps towards you.

May Allah protect us all and grant us the ability to overcome our Nafs.

Love and Duas,





  1. May Allah Ta’ala grant us all the Hidayah to take heed of the lovely advices given,keep it up!

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    1. Ameen 💜

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