“Go make me a sandwich”

Please don’t forget not to put sauce. Because I asked for it and it shouldn’t go to my brother by default (:D).  I’m dallying. I should come straight out and say it (Please don’t hit me. I probably have a low pain tolerance). Feminism is overrated *exaggerated gasps*

When you’re in pre-school (not that i would personally know), it’s all about proving that girls can do everything way better than boys. Huh, they soo can’t reach as high as us on the swing. WE HAVE THE TALENT! Then you grow up and you have to do chores, and emptying the trash looks less and less appealing, and nope, by all means, let them be the superior gender. My spaghetti arms can no longer support a pair of shoes, made heftier by a plastic packet.

Let’s face it: The main reason the group of us that aren’t feminists, aren’t feminists, is because we’re too lazy to open our own door. More power to us.

According to Encarta Dictionary, feminism is the belief in the need to secure rights and opportunities for women equal to those of men. I’d offer to share my sponsored sandwich with the person that can correctly guess where feminism originated from, but that’ll be putting myself at a disadvantage. Exactly. America.

But then there’s the introducing of Muslim women to clinch the deal; whether by association or miscomprehension of the Laws of Deen. In actuality, said two reasons are interrelated. Maybe because we women (I Am A Woman, Hear Me Roar *thumps chest then wheezes for breath*) aren’t aware of our status in Islam (next post, InShaAllah).

The most obvious marker of the struggle against feminism by Muslim women is Hijab. While feminists have taken the scarf to be a symbol of their subjugation to Muslim men, true Mu’mineen take it to be a symbol of respect and modesty.

Yes, there are similarities between Islam and feminism. Both condemn the oppression of women. Both insist that women may own their own property and dispose of it as they wish. However, in feminism the goal is absolute freedom to choose to live as one pleases or without regulations assigning specified roles to men and women. Justice in Islam means everything being in its proper place, not absolute equality, let alone feminine superiority in all areas.

Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (R.A) said: “Here we should note that there are some people who speak of equality instead of justice, and this is a mistake. We should not say equality, because equality implies no differentiation between the two. Because of this unjust call for equality, they started to ask; ‘what is the difference between male and female?’ So they made males and females the same, and then the communists said, ‘What difference is there between ruler and subject? No one has any authority over anyone else, not even fathers and sons; the father has no authority over his son,’ and so on.

But if we say justice, which means giving each one that to which he or she is entitled, this misunderstanding no longer applies, and the word used is correct. Those who say that Islam is the religion of equality are lying against Islam. Rather Islam is the religion of justice which means treating equally those who are equal and differentiating between those who are different.”

Essentially, Islam regards men and women as equally obliged with regard to many acts of worship and interactions with others.

Remember, you take one step towards Allah, Allah takes ten steps towards you.

May Allah protect us all and grant us the ability to overcome our Nafs.

Love and Duas,





  1. Masha Allah. So agree that it stems from the US. Reminds me of something I heard of recently. A judge recently ruled for women’s ‘rights’ that were being fought for, but before he concluded he added something like this: ‘In your fight for equality, you’ve lost your superiority.’
    Food for thought.


    1. Jazakallah Khair ❤ That’s brilliant! The world be so at peace if we realised that we have nothing to prove. Our value lies in who we are, not what we are.


  2. bint ebrahim · · Reply

    Your comment sums it all up, we have nothing to prove!
    I mean if you are made of ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’ why would you want to be made of ‘snips and snails and puppy dog tails’!


    1. Haha, your comment 👌:) Maybe the solution is for feminists to recall childhood ‘rhymes’ (I have no idea what to call them! 😛)


  3. Please help share my blog 💕🌸

    Illusive Symphonies – A journey through the sweet symphonies and elusiveness that love has to offer.

    Jazakallah 😚💞


    1. I will, ان شا الله. Wa anti fa Jazakallah Khair ❤

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