“Let’s get high”

Hear me out. I realise it’s pretty much taboo in today’s time, but we need to get a better understanding of reality. Not everything can be taken at face value. People label it the bad guy but it’s actually the key to contentment and salvation. Sure, some might jeer at you but your happiness is mostest important and if this is a guaranteed way, proven by many, to attain eternal joy, why not jump onto the bandwagon? 

Okay, that’s not funny anymore. My parents are going to set a lynch mob on me and I have a lot of siblings so it’s possible. Calm down, y’all, I’m talking about the spiritual high. 

|All information included are from an informal discussion by Marhoom Hazrat Ml Yunus Patel [RA] as mentioned in the book Feeling Spiritually Low?|

I went on a rollercoaster exactly once in my life. And it’s going to stay that way. Those things (butterflies with the temperament of a cassowary) that you get before, during and after a rollercoaster ride? Yallah, never again ان شا الله. 

There’s khair in everything, though. If I hadn’t got on that rollercoaster, not only would I have looked like a coward and would’ve had to look after the everyone’s belongings, but I also wouldn’t have been able to properly articulate my analogy (let it not be said that i didn’t learn my lesson; next time I’ll just use my imagination :D). 

See, the mechanical engineering of the rollercoaster works such that when it falls down, it gets back up. Once it’s up, it falls down again. A rollercoaster doesn’t only go upwards, neither does it only go downwards. It’s inevitable that you’re going to go both ways and you should remember that before you get on because it’s really scary xD. It operates as a cycle, just like all the other rollercoasters (I could be a great motivational speaker :P). Our spirituality functions along the same lines. It has its highs and lows and everybody has experience both. 

In literal terms, Qabz means constriction; Bast means expansion. These are conditions that alternate in the heart of a Believer. Being at the height of the ride can be equated to Bast which is a spiritual high. Then you plummet to Qabz the lowest possible point you can go- the point that you climb up from. Successful are those who are able to get high again (if ever a quote could be misquoted xD). 

How do you manage it? No worries, homie, I’ve got this Plan Of Action all sorted. 

Do you know when you’re in an awkward situation and you tell yourself to ignore it because if you try to do anything it’ll get worse? Same ideology, different situation. In the case of Qabz, continue reading your salaah, your Quran, your Zikrullah because you’re doing it for Allah’s Pleasure and you’re being rewarded for it even though you aren’t obtaining enjoyment from it at that time. Marhoom Hazrat Ml Yunus Patel [RA] also mentioned that we should read “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum, Bi Rahmatika Astighees” at least 11 times in the morning, afternoon and evening coupled with abundant istighfaar. Perpetually recite “Laa Hawla Wa La Quwwata illa Billa” as well as “Laa ilaha illallah”. 

Those who, Masha-Allah, are experiencing Bast should repeatedly express their shukr to Allah. If we aren’t going to show qadar, this blessing may be withdrawn. 

Never forget that we are not put through the state of Qabz as an azaab (punishment) of Allah. We experience it as a gauge of our actions; as a test. 

Remember, you take one step towards Allah, Allah takes ten steps towards you.

May Allah protect us all and grant us the ability to overcome our Nafs.

Love and Duas,

TWS ❤ 



  1. Loved it. SubhaanAllah. Ml also says to continue doing even if we ‘feel’ like it’s of no benefit, because the benefit is definitely there. May Allah grant us understanding ❤️


    1. Jazakallah Khair! Alhamdulillah, Allah is Most Merciful. As you mentioned in your blog post WHICH I LOVE 😛 (#Numb), Allah knows what’s in our hearts and He doesn’t let a good deed go unrewarded. امين، ثم امين! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Excuse me for being one of those suddenly-shows-up-and-likes-all-your-posts-in-5-minutes creeps, but BRO i love your writing OKAY? I mean, gosh I needed some motivational humor (humorous motivation?) right now and of COURSE Allah knew just what would be perfect (every damn time).
    So umm, yeah, keep writing nice stuff. Barakallahu feeki. Seriously.


    1. SOMEBODY GETS IT. I always worry about how I come across when I do random stuff like that xD Hey, good on you because I wouldn’t have discovered your blog otherwise. Which is honestly great, Masha-Allah, except you’ve been going AWOL (whyy? :D). And Jazakallah Khair! Wa iyyaki 🌻 (can I also just say that I ~adore~ your website URL? :P)


      1. Haha jazakallahu khair! Well I couldn’t make much time, having to deal with the end-of-high-school and pre-uni study rush. And to be honest, I think I just suddenly grew up and decided the whole blogging thing is pointless for me.
        And thank youuu, I’ve always had second-thoughts and insecurity issues about my URL xD I love your one too 😀


      2. I hold myself responsible for the double-post you posted, just so you know (only because I’m a little bit conceited :P). Allah make it easy for you, امين! Jazakallah Khair 🌻


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