“You could say things are getting pretty serious between us” 

First anniversary with WordPress. WordPress remembered and got me a badge. #Goals

I turned 18 and suddenly gained the motivation to do something constructive with my life. Of course, besides the teaching-the-little-brother and discovering-myself -in-the-kitchen thing I had (and still have) going on. Shukr that phase didn’t last long (xD) because laziness trumps all. And I was really confused, for lack of better word. Sure, I wanted to move forward in my Deen, and I also wanted to do something to help spread our Deen but on the internet? I was not convinced. 

Accordingly, it took me about two months before I got down to creating a WordPress account. It did, however, only take me a week before I blabbed and told my family what I’d done. They didn’t even ask, I just blurted it out and no, I’m not proud of that. I had these plans of being this anonymous person behind these articles and then.. Never mind. Not that I regret it or anything. They’re really scared that I’ll ruin their reputation or something on a public platform leading to them filtering themselves around me and I imagine this is the closest I’ll get to instilling fear in them (scale of 1-10 my Mafia-esqueness? Zero to Hundred real quick). 

Confession time: I didn’t originally plan on creating a website of the religious genre (we don’t speak about what my first choice was). Sure, I went to an Islamic School, but I can’t recall ever scripting an Islamic article in English Paper III or otherwise. Not exactly proud about that, but the point is that I was not at all confident in my decision to start Thoughts With Sass (we also don’t speak about how I chose that title). 

There’s a Hadith that coincidentally contains both the pros and cons from list I had developed in my head (don’t look at me like that; we all secretly talk to ourselves). Abu Hurairah (R.A) narrates that Rasoolullah (S.A.W) said: “Whoever initiates a good practice that is followed, he will receive a perfect reward for that, and a reward equivalent to that of those who follow it, without detracting from their reward in the slightest. And whoever introduces a bad practice that is followed, he will receive the complete burden of sin for that, and a burden of sin equivalent to that of those who follow it without that detracting from their burden in the slightest.” [Muslim, 1017]

And hereunder begins my inexpert advice, originally for bloggers, before realising that it includes everybody, basically. Don’t promote haraam on your blog, on your display pictures, on your twitter feeds, even verbally. Don’t mention a series you’ve started watching in case even one of your readers aren’t yet watching it. Don’t attach pictures that will cause somebody to commit zina of the eyes. Don’t romanticise haraam, yallah. 

I don’t mean to offend anybody; I remind against the comment of haraam actions in general. As mentioned above, this includes display pictures and instagram posts as well. You listened to a song, you don’t need to screenshot some of lyrics and put it up. Wallahi, you think only your contacts might see it but if one of your contacts changes it to their display picture, their contacts have access to it and so forth. One second, One thought; that’s all Shaytan needs. And we’ll have to carry the brunt of the responsibility for introducing said bad action into an individuals life. 

Always bear this Hadith in mind- Abu Hurairah (R.A) said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) say, ‘All of my Ummah will be forgiven except those who sin openly. It is a part of sinning openly when a man does something at night, then the following morning when Allah has concealed his sin, he says “oh so and so, I did such and such thing last night”, when all night his Allah has concealed him and the next morning he uncovers what Allah has concealed.'” [Bukhari, 5721]

I say that I first intended this for bloggers because of the magnitude of people a blog has the potential of impacting. Masha-Allah, there are a lot of successful blogs, and their writing skills attest to them being deserving of it. The thought and imagination that must go into it boggles the mind. More so, the special few that go the extra mile and incorporate Islamic lessons and ideologies. I’m an avid reader .. It’ll take too long to go through all of the websites that I follow! However, I will say that I’m not a ‘follow for follow’ kind of girl, so if I’m following your blog, I genuinely think that you’ve got talent. 

I have no guarantee that everything on my website encourages only halaal. Allahu A’lam. But I can guarantee that I never intentionally referred to a haraam aspect as ‘fun’ or ‘worth it’. You see, the point isn’t that I have no sins. It’s that I have too many sins to have to worry about taking on the sins of others. I’m an ordinary teenager (my last year of teenagehood, so I’m going to be using that sentence a lot :P). I make mistakes. I try to only learn from my mistakes, and not let my Iman fall backwards. 

I didn’t intend for this post to go in this direction, I was going to do a bit of introspection at most. If it hasn’t been noticed, I normally try to keep within a 600 word count, mostly because I know I tend to skim read if something is too long. If that still isn’t the correct length, let me know. Actually, if there’s anything incorrect, please don’t think that I’ll feel insulted if you have to bring it up. My parents disect every post anyways, including the titles (manipulated memes) occasionally; my siblings pick on my sense of humour.. The usual xD. Another thing, if there any specific topics that you want to be touched on, particularly the Friday posts, let me know. I feel like one of those aunties that like to know everything and just ask questions upon questions. Many sincere apologies. 

I used to have plans of posting thrice a week but life happened. I got lazy. And I keep losing the kitaabs, like..? I don’t even know. Honestly, sometimes I’ll convince myself it’s too late to post something and then my aunt will ask me about it and then I’ll have to post (this is a total family blog) so I post. I AM A PROCRASTINATOR. 

Case in point: My first year of blogging actually finished a week or two ago. Yes, terrible. 

*this is going to get mushy*

I really really really really appreciate all of the likes and comments and follows. Especially the one’s that say I’m funny. I’m funny in real life too (Sike! My family doesn’t think so xD). Seriously, I do appreciate it. It definitely isn’t something I expected and even if you’re doing it only because you feel bad for me or you feel obligated, I don’t care and I don’t mind. I still appreciate it. 


Love and duas,




  1. I can’t help but smile at how cheeky your posts are. Congratulations on your anniversary anyway. I hope that I can look forward to your next posts InShaAllah ❤

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    1. Jazakallah Khair! Haha, I’ve admired your posts ever since I started following you. Poetry is not my strong point (I can rhyme, if that counts xD) and the poems/paragraphs that you publish are always so beautiful, Masha-Allah!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Congratz on one year of blogging! I love your posts and sense of humuor! Shukran for the good advice too. It is really difficult having a good storyline and keeping it totally halaal.. I admire those that manage to seemingly effortlessly pull it off. May Allah guide us all. Aameen. ❤

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    1. Jazakallah Khair! You should know that I’m a huge fan of yours! I do agree, i guess we learn as we go along. I’m going to get personal, if you don’t mind! I think just making your characters have the normality of a Muslim life is commendable as well, Masha-Allah. Dee reading her salaah, Amz making dua, Zee greeting with salaams (example). Even if they aren’t always the focal point, givig the Islamic semblance and reading about it in the storyline eventually helps our mind to register those activities. And امين، ثم امين!

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      1. Aameen. I am truly honoured to have such a cool fan! (pun intended) Yeah, that’s so true and I still have a lot to learn!
        Well, yeah, I guess, but only to a certain extent. Things are only like this now to show the effect it has later. Hopefully my readers will stick with me through the journey of life and what comes along with it!
        Shukran for sharing your thoughts though, really appreciate it. ❤ And sometimes it is these small consistent acts that earn us our place in Jannah. We just never know hey.


      2. Girls gotta love her puns 😛 Of course! We’re emerged in the story now; there’s no way out xD You’re welcome! Don’t mind me if I overstep my boundaries, please. It’s never my intention! 🌻

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      3. Haha we’ll find our way to the end together. 😉 No boundaries overstepped. ❤


  3. Mashallah, Allah SWT has really used you 4 deeni inclined knowledge.May He take you from strength to strength . I was really impressed with your serious introspection.♥

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    1. Jazakallah Khair! امين، ثم امين ❤ Lol, pretty sure i shocked myself 😛


  4. raindrop06 · · Reply

    I read the whole post! No not after seeing the caps part! I read it coz your posts are worth reading. MashaAllah sister. You doing a great job. May Allah continue to use you as a means of guidance and goodness for many. May Allah bless you with beneficial knowledge and take you from strength to strength.
    Oh and I must say that this post was very well written and it was something that needed to be adressed.Indeed a reminder is beneficial…
    May Allah make each one of us a key towards good and a lock from evil. May Allah grant firstly myself and each one the taufeeq to make Amal.
    Oh and I sure won’t mind reading more posts from you! 💛💜💚💙

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Haha, Jazakallah Khair! Love, love, love the duas; special Jazakallah Khair for them! امين، ثم امين ❤❤

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  5. Haha I so love your posts, made my day every time. Even in the sassiness there’s always something worth reflecting 💗 may Allah reward you gazilions hasanah for touching hearts… well, even if there’s none, I know for sure you’ve touched mine 🌷 Jazakkillahu khairan

    Ps. write more;)


    1. Wa anti fa Jazakallah Khair! امين، امين. I look forward to your posts because they always inspire that self-reflection that we so often need, Masha-Allah! 🌻🌻


  6. nowayout68 · · Reply

    So.. Another blogger sent me this link a few days ago and i only ended up reading it now.. And…
    This post has made me seriously re-evaluate the content of my blog..


    1. Caution: Long bayaan coming up. Excuse me. (It might also be a bit scrambled, sorry about that!)
      If I’m going to be honest, I was not ~at all~ certain about publishing this post. Mostly because I felt slightly hypocritical at how i could warn about the perils of ‘fictional’ blogging and yet enjoy it myself immensely. On that note, may I just say that I absolutely love your blog. I love the rawness of the emotions and basically, Radhia. I love Radhia.
      As is evident, I did post it. Because I realised that I’d want someone to at least remind me of the implications. Just to create that level of consciousness; so that a voice at the back of our head will tell us to be cautious. To even cancel out one haraam action. I’m far from sinless. I go through the struggles of a normal Muslim. It’s easy to be someone else on the internet. I didn’t mean for all bloggers reading this to delete their site, truthfully. I’m quite surprised my words even had an effect.
      I wasn’t sure which way this post would be taken. If I came across as a know-it-all (which, you know, I’m a teenager, so xD), or judgemental, I’m really sorry. I seriously only meant it as friendly advice.
      (Also, can we be appreciative of how WordPress hasn’t tried to cut me off?)


      1. Lol lol.. No offence or anything drastic.. But really and truly well done. That post just made so much sense and made me really think and soul search quite a bit! And yes.. Your words have had a huge impact!


      2. Oh, thank Allah. I’m all big words and exaggerated confidence but even I know I’d lose in a fight (not that I’m saying you’d fight me and I’m making it worse, aren’t I? :P). Jazakallah Khair! 🌻


      3. Lol.. Ur overthinking this by far. The fact that ur words had such a profound impact is a COMPLIMENT!!!
        Now the problem comes about if i stop writing 🙊 Then be prepared to face the wrath of all the readers 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Jumping-to-conclusions skills on fleeek xD Alhamdulillah and Jazakallah Khair; I truly appreciate it! Let’s not mention names, yeah? Even it’s only a thought. Being mysterious is the in-thing anyways xD xD xD

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  7. bint ebrahim · · Reply

    I know this is a very very delayed and belated congrats on the 1 year milestone. (I thought out the reply immediately but….its the thought that counts right ;))
    Well done and jazakallah khair for the lovely reminders. I really enjoy the humour you bring into all your posts.

    Looking forward to more awesome posts.


    1. Jazakallah Khair! Haha, I relate to that all too much. I always forget to actually send a comment instead of just replying in my head! Yes, yes, and I appreciate the thought and the late comment! 😛 Wa iyyaki 🌻🌻


  8. lol. big Congrats and keep up the good work and humour. i have certainly gained lots of knowledge from your posts…


    1. Jazakallah Khair ❤


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